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Updated: July 21, 2014

Budget Bill Amends Workers’ compensation Law

H.B. 493, the BWC Budget Bill, amended provisions of the workers’ compensation law. Read more about the workers’ compensation amendments.

Commission Revises Hearing Officer Manual

The Industrial Commission revised Hearing Officer Manual Memo I.5, “Processing Compensation and Medical Benefits Issues in Claims when an Original Allowance or Additional Allowance Issue is in Court.” The policy provides a chart listing different issues which may arise in a claim which states whether the Commission can process the issue while the claim is pending in court. You can find the Hearing Officer Manual on the Commission’s website.

Legislature Considers PTSD Amendment

The Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 252, which would amend R.C. 4123.01 to provide workers’ compensation benefits to police officers, fire fighters and emergency medical workers who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”) due to their employment. The law currently prohibits workers’ compensation coverage for any psychiatric claim (including PTSD) unless the psychiatric claim arose from an allowed physical injury or occupational disease. The bill is now pending in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Recent Ohio Supreme Court Decisions

(current through July 7, 2014)

Packaging Corp. of Am., State ex rel. v. Indus. Comm. (7/2/14)

Temporary Total: Commission decision to grant temporary total was supported by evidence in file, and Commission is not required to explain why it chose to rely on one medical report over another.

Vote: 5-0, 1 concurs in judgment only
Opinion by: Per Curiam

Bailey, State ex rel. v. Indus. Comm. (5/8/14)

Permanent Total: The evidence did not establish new and changed circumstances which would render a two year old medical report which the Commission relied on to deny permanent total stale and invalid support for the Commission’s decision.

Vote: 7-0
Opinion by: Per Curiam

Honda of Am. Mfg., Inc., State ex rel. v. Indus. Comm. (5/7/14)

Temporary Total: Where evidence indicated that injured worker retired due to effects of allowed condition, injured worker remained eligible for post-retirement temporary total benefits.

Vote: 4-3
Opinion by: Per Curiam
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