Ohio Workers’ Compensation Case Index

Supreme Court Cases from: January 1, 1998 to July 7, 2014
Court of Appeals Cases from: May 1, 2002 to June 30, 2014

To see Supreme Court decisions on a topic, click on the SC button next to the topic; for Court of Appeals decisions on a topic, click on the CA button next to the topic. If one of the buttons is missing it means that no cases from that court on that topic have been indexed.

Administrative Practice

Evidence   SC CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA


Additional Conditions   SC

Miscellaneous    SC CA

Self-insurer, by   SC

Amputation / Loss of Use

Ankylosis   SC

Loss of Use   SC CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Reattachment   SC

Vision, Loss of   SC CA

Average Weekly Wage

Adjustment, Time Limit   SC

Basis   SC CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Special Circumstances   SC CA

Continuing Jurisdiction

4123.522 Relief   SC CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Mistake of Fact   SC CA

Mistake of Law   SC CA

Newly Discovered Evidence   SC CA

No Basis   SC CA

Reasonable Time   SC CA

Two Year Limit   SC

Unspecified Error   SC


Amount   SC

Appeal or Mandamus   SC CA

Dependent’s Estate   SC  CA

Evidence   CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA


Classification / Reclassification   SC

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Premiums   SC CA

Self-insurer   CA

Surplus Fund   SC CA


Course / Scope of   SC CA

Immunity from Suit   SC CA

Independent Contractor   CA

Miscellaneous   CA


Miscellaneous   SC CA

Impairment of Earning Capacity

Desire to Earn   SC

Evidence   SC

Job Search   SC

Miscellaneous   SC


Aggravation (see Substantial Aggravation)

Collateral Estoppel (see Res Judicata)

Controlled Substances   SC CA

Coverage (Ohio or Other State)   CA

Evidence   CA

Fellow Servant Rule   CA

Fighting (see Horseplay)

Gradually Developing Injury   CA

Horseplay   CA

Idiopathic   CA

Intervening Injury   CA

Miscellaneous   CA

Parking Lot   CA

Psychiatric   SC CA

Recreation   CA

Res Judicata CA

Substantial Aggravation   SC CA

Sidewalk   CA

Stress-caused   CA

Time Limits   SC CA

Traveling   SC CA

Work Area   CA

Intentional Tort (Supreme Court only)

Constitutionality, Statutes   SC

Miscellaneous   SC

Standards   SC

Statute of Limitations   SC

Living Maintenance

Miscellaneous   SC CA


Appeal or Mandamus   SC CA

Fail to Exhaust Administrative Remedies   SC

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Medical(also see Trial Practice)

Evidence   SC CA

Examination / Suspension for Failure to Attend   SC

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Treatment   SC CA

Occupational Disease

Asbestos Claims   CA

Change of Occupation Award   SC CA

Evidence   CA

Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies   CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Statute of Limitations   CA

Permanent Partial

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Permanent Total

Compensation Awarded   SC CA

Compensation Denied   SC CA

Disability Factors   SC CA

Discovery   SC CA

Medical Evidence   SC CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Order Requirements   SC CA

Retirement   SC CA

Statutory Permanent Total   SC CA

Termination   SC CA

Retaliatory Discharge (Supreme Court only)

Miscellaneous   SC


30 Day Waiting Period   SC CA

BWC Authority   SC

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Temporary Total

Abandonment of Employment

•   Miscellaneous SC CA

•   New Job SC CA

•   Quit Job SC CA

•   Retirement SC CA

•   Termination SC CA

Date of Termination   SC CA

Evidence   SC CA

Former Position of Employment   SC

Good Faith Job Offer   SC CA

Maximum Medical Improvement   SC CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Offset   SC CA

Return to Employment   SC CA

Work Activities   SC CA

Trial Practice

Attorney’s Fees / Costs   SC CA

Dismissal   CA


•    Extent of Disability CA

•    Miscellaneous SC CA

•    Termination of Claim SC CA

Jury Instructions / Interrogatories   CA

Medical Evidence / Testimony / Exam

•    Expert Not Required CA

•    Expert Required CA

•    Miscellaneous CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA

New Condition   SC CA

Notice of Appeal / Complaint

•    Miscellaneous CA

•    Substantial Compliance CA

•    Timely CA

•    Voluntary Dismissal SC CA

Remand to Industrial Commission   CA

Subrogation   SC CA

Summary Judgment   CA


Amendment   SC

Application   SC

Equipment Available   SC


•   Inferences SC

•   Miscellaneous SC CA

•   Some Evidence SC

Grandfather Clause   SC

Interpreting Provisions   SC CA

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Negligence by Employee   SC CA

Specific Rules   SC CA

Workshop and Factories   SC

Wage Loss

Abandonment of Employment   SC  CA

Calculation   SC

Job Search, Good Faith   SC CA

Medical Requirements   SC

Miscellaneous   SC CA

Part-time Employment   SC CA

Self-employment   SC

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